Private Sales

Brayden Homes is proud to offer interested parties the opportunity of a Private Sale relating to their in-town property.  A Private Sale gives both parties an excellent opportunity to visit in a casual setting and develop an agreement that works for everyone.  There are several advantages to a Brayden Homes Private Sale:

  • Limited Closing Costs - You will pay limited closing costs on a Private Sale transaction over a traditional real estate transaction.  Savings can be as great as 6% on the sale of your home.
  • No Repairs Required - Brayden Homes requires NO repairs to your house or property for purchase.  This includes items such as lead paint, old electric wiring, water damage, termites, and mold.
  • Flexbile Timing - We offer a number of different timing options to parties who engage in a private sale.  From extended closing dates to short term lease backs, we like to find a time that works for both parties in completing a successful transaction.
  • No Hassle - We can manage all of the paperwork/ contracts for you.
  • Convenient Closing - Brayden Homes can accomodate quick and easy closings.  You pick the date and we will handle the rest.

To set up an appointment to discuss a Private Sale in the Lakewood, East Dallas, Park Cities, or Preston Hollow areas, please call Grayson Jenkins at (214) 914-2052.  Brayden Homes takes great pride in the relationships we build, both to the owners we purchase homes from and the customers we sell to.  Please let us know how we can help and we look forward to your future business.


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